LA County Expands Abortion Safe Haven Program to Arizona Residents

LA County Expands Abortion Safe Haven Program to Arizona Residents 1024 888 Supervisor Lindsey P. Horvath


May 7, 2024

Los Angeles, CAThe Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors took action to ensure Arizona residents can access reproductive healthcare in Los Angeles County following the Arizona Supreme Court’s decision to uphold an 1864 ban on abortion. Board Chair Horvath’s motion to create an “Abortion Safe Haven for Arizona Residents” fills an essential gap in abortion access and reproductive healthcare before the Arizona legislature’s repeal of the ruling takes effect.

“The Arizona Supreme Court’s ruling is absurd. Who in their right mind wants to bring us back to 1864?” said Los Angeles County Board Chair Horvath. “As women’s reproductive freedoms remain under attack and further limited in states across the country, Los Angeles County is here to welcome and support anyone seeking reproductive healthcare. We’ll offer our full support to our neighbors in Arizona until Governor Hobbs and the Arizona Legislature’s historic repeal is in place. Arizona residents and physicians are encouraged to engage the County as we uphold every person’s fundamental right to abortion care.”

The motion also advances support for SB 233, which would help Arizonans seeking basic reproductive health care access it by allowing qualified Arizona doctors to treat them in California.

Los Angeles County has been at the forefront of protecting the right to reproductive healthcare even before Roe v. Wade was overturned. This Board of Supervisors created the Abortion Safe Haven program on the 49th anniversary of Roe v. Wade to ensure safe access to reproductive care for residents of and those coming to LA County, including all under-resourced and marginalized people with the capacity for pregnancy.

For more information, read the full motion here.

Learn more about the Abortion Safe Haven program here.



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