Jewish Community Safety and Support

Supervisor Lindsey P. Horvath is a committed ally to Los Angeles County’s strong Jewish community. She has prioritized Jewish community safety and has stood with our Jewish community to combat the alarming rise in antisemitism.

Actions advancing Jewish community safety and support include:

  • Calling for a report examining antisemitism in LA County through the very first motion she authored as Supervisor.
  • Creating a precedent setting Jewish Community Safety Plan with components including antisemitic mass violence emergency preparedness, notification protocols, resources, law enforcement training, and public education. She created a similar plan as Mayor of West Hollywood.
  • Funding the Jewish Federation’s Community Security Initiative.
  • Allocating discretionary funding to Jewish community organizations.
  • Authoring a motion adopted by the Board of Supervisors expressing solidarity with Israel and condemning Hamas’ brutal acts of terrorism on October 7, 2023.
  • Calling on the UCLA administration to meet with the Jewish community leaders to talk about Jewish student safety.
  • Speaking out against acts of antisemitism whenever they occur.

This is a time of pain for our Jewish community. Supervisor Horvath will continue to support, keep safe, and celebrate our Jewish community across Los Angeles County and the Third District.

To report a hate crime/hate incident in LA County, please call 211 or visit

*If you are in immediate danger or a crime is being committed, please call 911

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