Chair Horvath’s Priorities Reflected in the Final Changes to the 2024-2025 Budget

Chair Horvath’s Priorities Reflected in the Final Changes to the 2024-2025 Budget 1024 888 Supervisor Lindsey P. Horvath


June 24, 2024

Los Angeles, CAToday, the Board of Supervisors approved final changes to Los Angeles County’s $45.6 million Recommended Budget for FY 2024-2025, which begins July 1. Board Chair Lindsey P. Horvath prioritized four key areas throughout the budget process, which also reflect her focus areas as Chair: Homelessness prevention, adapting to climate change, preventing gender-based violence, and justice reform.

“Our $45.6 billion budget invests in the urgent needs of Los Angeles County today and provides a solid foundation for our work to address the existential threat of climate change as well as a Care First future for our county. We are strategically supporting initiatives to root out gender-based violence and to provide legal guidance and services to keep people housed—both essential to preventing homelessness.  

I am pleased that our Department of Youth Development will have expanded capacity to champion Youth Justice Reimagined, and that our important parks and aquatics facilities will maintain the hours our communities rely on, while also ensuring the safety of our staff who serve them.  

As we look to the future, we are committed to providing more transparency in the budget process so that everyone is able to be part of the decision making.” 

Chair Horvath’s priorities reflected in the final changes to the Recommended Budget, include:

Homelessness prevention through Self-Help Legal Access Centers is now funded through the end of June 2025. The centers provide information about court procedures, including for eviction proceedings. Overall, the budget dedicates significant resources to homelessness, three-quarters of a billion dollars this year.

Gender-based violence prevention is funded through two positions focused in the Department of Public Health. Expansion of our gender-based violence and domestic violence programs is critical, especially as individuals experiencing these forms of violence become disproportionately unhoused.

A Climate Budget for LA County, funded through three positions in the Chief Sustainability Office and Internal Services Department, will invest in our commitment to reducing the County’s carbon footprint.

Care First investments to advance Youth Justice Reimagined and Men’s Central Jail Closure. The Department of Youth Development grows by 28 positions and the CEO’s team will fund 10 positions to support the work of the Jail Closure Implementation Team.

The budget also includes $6.9 million for the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) to fund the Aquatics Program for the full summer without cutting hours. The Board approved Chair Horvath’s motion directing the CEO to fully fund—in the supplemental budget—the staffing necessary to protect DPR team members’ safety when closing parks.

The next step in the budget process is supplemental changes to the Final Adopted Budget in October.

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