Extreme Weather: Tropical Storm Preparation and Resources

Extreme Weather: Tropical Storm Preparation and Resources 1024 888 Supervisor Lindsey P. Horvath


Updated: August 20, 2023, 2 p.m.

Beginning Sunday, August 20th through Monday, August 21st, Los Angeles County is under a Tropical Storm Warning. The weather is forecasted to include heavy rainfall, severe winds, storm surge, dangerous surf, and flash flooding. The potential for mudslides throughout the County, and in particular the Third District, should also be of concern for residents.

We want to be sure our Third District communities are prepared and have access to the latest information. The County’s Office of Emergency Management has established an incident webpage at www.lacounty.gov/emergency

The most important thing each of us can do is to stay indoors and avoid all non-essential travel. Weather conditions can change quickly.

Tips are highlighted below. For additional information, visit ready.lacounty.gov/mudslides/ and ready.lacounty.gov/rain/. For the latest weather information, follow the  National Weather Service – Los Angeles. 

Helpful contacts:

  • Downed powerline: call 9-1-1 and leave the area.
  • Report a power outage: call SCE at 1-800-611-1911.
  • Need shelter: call 2-1-1.
  • Downed tree or water in the roadway: call LA Public Works 800-676-HELP (4357). In the City of LA, call 3-1-1.

Tips for staying safe in extreme weather: 

  • Protect your home – take steps to protect your home by anticipating runoff and placing sandbags where needed. Board up windows and doors if necessary. To access available sandbags near you for pickup at a Los Angeles County Fire Station, use this tool (NOTE: County Fire Stations are your best locations; not parks). 
  • Prepare – prepare to evacuate if local officials instruct you to do so. 
  • Stay informed – listen to the radio or watch television for information and instructions from your local officials. 
  • Monitor those at high risk – check on elderly neighbors and family and friends who may not be able to prepare for the storm on their own. 
  • Drive carefully– drive cautiously and slowly, many roads will be slippery and wet. Do not attempt to cross flooded areas and do not enter moving water. 
  • Develop an emergency plan – make a disaster kit that includes food, water, and medications for at least 10 days. Create evacuation routes and plans to contact family members if separated

If you live in unincorporated LA and need to report a downed tree or flooded roadway, call 800-676-HELP (4357) or visit https://pw.lacounty.gov/contact/.


L.A. County Emergency Response Page – stay up to date regarding evacuations, road closures, or media releases during active storms. 

Ready Los Angeles Twittermonitor social media for regular updates. 

Register for Emergency AlertsAlert LA County is an opt-in mass notification program that allows individuals to receive emergency alerts by text, email and/or phone call. 

Emergency shelterfind information on the County’s shelter program or call 211 for assistance. 

Locate your closest fire department – locate your nearest station to obtain free sandbags if needed. 


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